40 Foot Shipping Containers

Are you in need of a 40 foot shipping container? We have what you need, with a vast and robust selection to choose from. Any Way You Want It Moving & Storage, Northland’s trusted local provider of storage containers since 1997, has 40 foot containers in stock at our local container yards in Grand Rapids, MN, Stewartville, MN, and Ellendale, MN.

The dimensions of our 40 foot containers are:

  • 40 feet long
  • 8 feet wide
  • 8.5 feet high
  • Variety of Colors
  • New or Used

Extra Options Include:

  • Doors at Both Ends
  • Side Doors
  • 9.5 Feet Tall Hi-Cube Option
  • Modifications Available

Why You Should Choose a 40 Foot Container

If you’re torn between a 20 foot container and a 40 foot container, you’ll want to do some research on the two. You may find that a 40-foot container is better for your needs. Not only is it bigger and can fit more stuff, it’s more cost-efficient.

While you may assume that since a 20 foot container holds half of what a 40 foot container does, you may also assume it costs half as much too. But you would be wrong. Usually you end up paying up to 75 percent of the cost of a 40 foot shipping container.

There is simply more value in buying a larger size or quantity. Think about how much it costs to buy a single can of soda vs. a six-pack. It’s always a better value to buy more. The same concept applies to shipping containers. These are some good reasons to go with a 40 foot container over a 20 foot shipping container.

For your convenience, you can rent, buy or rent-to-own any of our new and used 40 foot shipping containers. They are available with tilt-bed and side loading trailers, and we can pick up and deliver full and empty containers at any time.

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To get a quote on our 40 foot containers, call us today at 218-326-0397 in Grand Rapids or at 800-542-0036 in Ellendale and Stewartville.

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