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If you know you need a shipping container but don’t need one on a permanent basis, you may consider renting instead. This saves you money in the short term because you’re only paying for the days, weeks or months that you need. Rentals are ideal for temporary uses, such as construction site offices, real estate offices in new construction neighborhoods, or seasonal retail storage.

In these cases, you may not want to make a large initial investment in something that you own, as you won’t need it for long. Here at Any Way You Want It Moving & Storage, we offer storage container rentals on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. We also offer a convenient rent to own program whereby you are given the opportunity to buy your rental after a certain period of time if you decide you need a long-term solution.

As Northland’s trusted local provider of storage containers, we have been serving customers just like you since 1997. Choose us for our quality 20-foot or 40-foot containers, where you can hand-pick the one you want at our three local container yards in Grand Rapids, MN, Stewartville, MN, and Ellendale, MN.

No matter which size you choose, whether you opt for modifications or not, our drivers can pick up and deliver full and empty containers wherever you need them. Our containers are available with tilt-bed and side-loading trailers.

Benefits of Storage Container Rentals

There are many reasons why you would rent a container rather than buy one. Rentals are ideal for:

  • One-time events
  • Timebound projects
  • Seasonal business demands

Unless you plan to actively use your shipping container all year long or for several years in a row, you are better off with a rental.

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To get a quote on our container rentals, call us today at 218-326-0397 in Grand Rapids or at 800-542-0036 in Ellendale and Stewartville.

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