Shipping Containers in Grand Rapids, MN

Any Way You Want It Moving & Storage is Grand Rapids, MN’s trusted local provider of storage containers in a variety of sizes. Since 1997, we have been meeting and exceeding our customers’ temporary and long-term storage needs with two local container yards for your convenience.

The Grand Rapids yard is located at 1881 E Highway 2. We also have another location in Ellendale.

Choose from new and used containers which you can rent, buy, or rent to own. With tilt-bed and side-loading trailers, we can pick up and deliver full and empty containers wherever you need them. You can even personally pick out the container that is best for you in Grand Rapids, MN, home to 11,000 – named for the 3.5-mile rapids in the Mississippi River.

From 20-foot containers to 40-foot containers and modifications, Any way You Want It Moving & Storage is your source for superior quality, attention to detail, and friendly service. Come to us for fast and convenient delivery of our units to your location.

Shipping Containers For Rent in Grand Rapids, MN

We have 400+ shipping containers available for rent out of Grand Rapids. These range from 5’x10’ to 10’x40’ sizes. Contact for pricing and more details.

Why Choose Us in Grand Rapids?

Our team is happy to serve you throughout Grand Rapids, as we are built on a foundation of dependable service, accommodating customer service reps, competitive prices and quality craftsmanship.

We encourage you to choose us for:

  • A convenient location on E Highway 2
  • Our reliable service
  • Free quotes
  • High-quality containers
  • Affordable prices
  • Two decades in business

So, whether you need a 20-foot container or a modification such as roll-up doors or a custom paint job, you can rely on the team at Any Way You Want It Moving & Storage for a positive experience from start to finish.

mini storage

We Offer Mini Storage Options

Don’t have enough items to warrant renting out a large storage unit or outdoor parking space? We have the perfect solution for you: mini storage in Grand Rapids. From seasonal clothing and decorations to sports equipment and boxes of documents, you can use these off-site spaces to store a moderate amount of items. On the flip side, some of our mini storage options are actually quite spacious, comparable to small warehouses.

You can still choose the sizes you want, just like standard self-storage. In addition to our other storage options of RV, boat, and commercial truck storage, we offer on-site storage in containers under the following sizes:

  • 8’x10’
  • 8’x20’
  • 8’x40’

To book mini storage, call us today at 218-326-0397.

Why Use Mini Storage?

When the storage needs don’t extend to large items like boats or RVs, or when you’re looking to avoid paying for unused space, mini storage serves as a perfect solution. With features like climate control and top-notch security, mini storage ensures your belongings are well-protected.

We provide a broad selection of unit sizes, from small lockers suitable for a few items to large units that can house furniture. This variety guarantees we have the right storage solution for your specific requirements.

Mini storage units are incredibly versatile, catering to a wide range of uses. They’re an ideal choice for college students needing a temporary spot for dorm essentials during breaks, or sports team managers looking for a secure place to store equipment and uniforms until the next season. Whatever your situation, we offer the ideal mini storage option in Grand Rapids.

Benefits of Buying or Renting Portable Mini Storage Containers

Choosing our portable mini storage containers comes with numerous advantages. These containers:

  • Are Portable: Easily move them wherever needed for unmatched convenience.
  • Provide Easy Access: Access your stored items anytime, fitting your schedule perfectly.
  • Offer Flexibility: You have the liberty to fill or empty them as you see fit, making storage a breeze.
  • Can Be Conveniently Placed: Keep them at your home or business for easy access, ensuring your items are always close at hand.
  • Allow for Off-Site Storage: If necessary, they can be taken to an off-site facility, offering more storage possibilities.
  • Feature Versatile Delivery Options: With options like tilt-bed or side-loading trailers, getting your container delivered or picked up is hassle-free.
  • Are Rodent-Free: Our units are designed to prevent rodent intrusion, safeguarding your belongings from potential damage.

With us, you can expect low monthly payments, advanced security features, and the convenience of flexible month-to-month storage rates. Our commitment is to deliver a secure, accessible, and comprehensive storage solution tailored to your needs.

Contact Any Way You Want It Moving & Storage

To get a quote on one of our containers or a modification or to get directions to our yard, contact us today at 218-326-0397 in Grand Rapids, MN. We are located at 1881 E Highway 2.

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