Insider Tips For Buying a Shipping Container in Grand Rapids

It can be tricky when faced with buying a shipping container when you don’t know where to start. That’s why insider tips and tricks can be so helpful. If you’re in the market for a shipping container of any size in Grand Rapids, home to 197,000, we’re here to give you some trade secrets to make the process go more smoothly.

1. Read These Things Before Scheduling Delivery

Before you buy your shipping container and schedule delivery in Grand Rapids, keep these things in mind. Make sure that:

  • There are no overhead obstructions (cables, trees, overhanging branches) that could get in the way of the driver dropping off your container.
  • There’s enough room for the driver to maneuver the truck, which usually measures about 60 feet long.
  • The area is firm and stable. Containers should not be placed directly on wet grass or mud. Not only could the container sink, but the truck could as well.
  • There are no site access restrictions (parked cars, fire hydrants, etc.) that could hinder drop-off.
  • The container doesn’t have to be lifted over obstacles (hedges, walls, etc.). If so, you will have to notify the container provider well in advance so they can bring the proper equipment.

2. Bigger Containers Cost Less

Doesn’t seem right, but it’s true. You won’t necessarily pay a lot more for a large shipping container. Let’s take 10 ft containers, for example. These are not your standard size. They are typically cut down from a 20 ft box and repainted. You may end up paying more for the 10-foot unit due to the extra steel work and repainting that is involved.

3. Get a Longer Lifespan Out of Your Container

Structural damage due to rust is never a good thing when it comes to storage containers. If you’re buying used, rust could be present so always check for signs of corrosion. The best way to keep rust at bay is to re-paint as needed with the thickest paint you can find. Keep in mind it’s normal for small, localized patches of rust to be present on used containers.

But if it goes beyond surface rust, you could have a bigger problem on your hands. That’s because advanced rust can cause holes in the steel.

4. Inspect the Condition of the Floor

Check the condition of the floor before buying, which will give you good insight into the condition of the rest of the unit. The steel cross members must be sturdy enough to ensure they can be lifted with no damage by forklifts. The wood floor should not lift, should not be soft, and should not be warped due to water exposure.

Spongy floors are a big red flag, which typically signals that the cross members have rotted or the plywood is failing somehow. Uneven or bowing floors are another sign the plywood has become damaged by moisture.

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