What to Know When Renting a Container in Ellendale MN

If you’ve been thinking about renting a shipping container in Ellendale MN, you likely have many questions about the process. Is renting better than buying? What are the terms I should be aware of? How much will I pay each month?

The decision to rent a container will depend on your type of business and your unique needs. There are many benefits to renting a shipping container, especially if you only need if for a short while in Ellendale, home to 26,000. Here are some things to know when renting a container in Ellendale.

Rent vs. Buy

If you only plan to use a shipping container for a short while, say a few months, renting is the best option. If you need a container for long-term use, say more than a year, you are better off buying.

Many businesses need shipping container storage for seasonal uses and don’t necessarily need a container every day of the year. It costs a lot of money to put that container somewhere when not in use, which increases operating costs. If you have a tight budget, renting is a good way to go.

For instance, you may pay $4000 or more to buy an 8-foot x 40-foot high cube container; but if you rent that same container, you may pay only about $115 a month.

Common Uses

Storage and cargo shipping are the most common uses when it comes to shipping containers. Rented containers are highly versatile because they are shorter-term and lower in cost. This allows you to easily adjust to all types of business and logistic scenarios.

You can use rented containers for any number of uses, such as:

  • Agricultural tool and supply storage
  • Job site storage
  • Overflow educational storage
  • Personal use storage
  • Small-scale retail storage

Rental Container Sizes

Here are the typical sizes of shipping containers.


  • 10 ft. Shipping Container Rentals: These measure 8 feet wide, 10 feet long, great if you need only a small amount of space. Contrary to popular belief, these small containers are often more expensive than larger sizes. That’s because they’re not a standard size for overseas freight, so they have to be modified when used for other purposes such as storage.
  • 20 ft. Shipping Container Rentals: This is the most popular option for both renting and buying. They’re the most affordable and the most convenient, giving you a lot of storage space in a relatively small area.
  • 40 ft. Shipping Container Rentals: Provided you have the space on your property to fit this large container, this is a great option for high-volume storage needs.
  • 45 ft. Shipping Container Rentals: This is the largest option, often referred to as sea crates or railcar containers. You will see these on large sea freighters, cranes and trains.


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